Myra Robinson says:

In the fall of 2005, a good friend, Liz McKenna, asked me one day what my fondest desire was. Of course, I said "to sing in a blues band!" To which she replied, "Well, what are you waiting for? Myra, you need to start a band today. Don't wait another minute for life to hand you your dream; make it happen."

She really inspired me to start asking friends who drummed or played instruments if they were interested. After a drum circle in Saco one night, we asked Rick Cormier and John Buckley both awesome drummers if they'd want to be in a band.

Then Liz said she knew of a great guitarist, Dave Collins, who might be willing to play lead guitar for us. At first, we were practicing for only one gig, but whenever we'd finish a rehearsal we'd look around smiling and say, "Boy, that was FUN! And damn, we sound GOOD!" I think we were all surprised at easily it came.

I'm convinced it's because of our maturity and sense of gratitude, as well as the fact that we're all good musicians individually who happen to compliment and magnify each others' talents. A rare find . . . and all through friendships at church or in a drum circle!

Just goes to show: you never know till you try. Or, till you ask the person next to you.

But, I'm jumping ahead of myself. Back to year one; a year of changes. For a time, we had Al Frey (Liquid Al of WMPG's Evening Sun Blues) playing flute, harmonica, etc. Then John had to leave when his day job got too demanding. Then Al left the band. We were evolving. We had a couple of fill-in people on drum kit after that, but decided Rick was percussive enough to fill the role alone.

We really lucked out when Rudy Gabrielson became available to be our keyboard/harmonica player. Soon after that we started auditioning bass players, and found Rob Landry. Or, he found us, to hear him tell it. Either way, the current incarnation of Bluezberry Jam - the five of us, solid, for over a year now - is the best by far; and the most satisfying "risk" I've ever taken. Thank you, Lizzi!

Sometimes, all it takes is one person, at the right time, to encourage us to follow our dreams.